Visible to the public Literature review of different contention of E-commerce security and the purview of cyber law factors

TitleLiterature review of different contention of E-commerce security and the purview of cyber law factors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsNamazifard, A., Amiri, B., Tousi, A., Aminilari, M., Hozhabri, A. A.
Conference Name2015 9th International Conference on e-Commerce in Developing Countries: With focus on e-Business (ECDC)
KeywordsBusiness, Computer crime, cyber law factor, cyber-crime activity, cyberspace security, data privacy, e-commerce law, e-commerce security, e-consumer protection, electronic commerce, Information systems, information technology, Internet, IT, jurisdiction, legislation, privacy, pubcrawl170109, security, security privacy policy

Today, by widely spread of information technology (IT) usage, E-commerce security and its related legislations are very critical issue in information technology and court law. There is a consensus that security matters are the significant foundation of e-commerce, electronic consumers, and firms' privacy. While e-commerce networks need a policy for security privacy, they should be prepared for a simple consumer friendly infrastructure. Hence it is necessary to review the theoretical models for revision. In This theory review, we embody a number of former articles that cover security of e-commerce and legislation ambit at the individual level by assessing five criteria. Whether data of articles provide an effective strategy for secure-protection challenges in e-commerce and e-consumers. Whether provisions clearly remedy precedents or they need to flourish? This paper focuses on analyzing the former discussion regarding e-commerce security and existence legislation toward cyber-crime activity of e-commerce the article also purports recommendation for subsequent research which is indicate that through secure factors of e-commerce we are able to fill the vacuum of its legislation.

Citation Keynamazifard_literature_2015