Visible to the public Hybrid bilateral filter

TitleHybrid bilateral filter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBehjat-Jamal, S., Demirci, R., Rahkar-Farshi, T.
Conference Name2015 International Symposium on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE)
Keywordsbilateral filter, bilateral image filter, Color, color component, Colored noise, fuzzy bilateral filter, Fuzzy metric, fuzzy metrics, fuzzy rule, fuzzy set theory, Fuzzy similarity, geometric weight, hybrid bilateral filter, Image color analysis, image colour analysis, image denoising, Image edge detection, image filter, image filtering, image noise reduction, Mathematical model, Measurement, photometric parameter, photometric weight, Pragmatics, pubcrawl170111, spatial parameter

A variety of methods for images noise reduction has been developed so far. Most of them successfully remove noise but their edge preserving capabilities are weak. Therefore bilateral image filter is helpful to deal with this problem. Nevertheless, their performances depend on spatial and photometric parameters which are chosen by user. Conventionally, the geometric weight is calculated by means of distance of neighboring pixels and the photometric weight is calculated by means of color components of neighboring pixels. The range of weights is between zero and one. In this paper, geometric weights are estimated by fuzzy metrics and photometric weights are estimated by using fuzzy rule based system which does not require any predefined parameter. Experimental results of conventional, fuzzy bilateral filter and proposed approach have been included.

Citation Keybehjat-jamal_hybrid_2015