Visible to the public Smartphone: The key to your connected smart home

TitleSmartphone: The key to your connected smart home
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPienaar, J. P., Fisher, R. M., Hancke, G. P.
Conference Name2015 IEEE 13th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN)
KeywordsAccuracy, Android (operating system), Android application, Android based smartphone, Androids, authentication, biometrics, building management systems, connected smart home, dual factor based authentication, eigenfaces algorithm, face recognition, facial authentication, facial recognition, home automation, home based automation systems, home security, Humanoid robots, Internet-of-Things, pubcrawl170113, secret pin based authentication, smart phones, Training, User Centric Automation, user control point

Automation systems are gaining popularity around the world. The use of these powerful technologies for home security has been proposed and some systems have been developed. Other implementations see the user taking a central role in providing and receiving updates to the system. We propose a system making use of an Android based smartphone as the user control point. Our Android application allows for dual factor (facial and secret pin) based authentication in order to protect the privacy of the user. The system successfully implements facial recognition on the limited resources of a smartphone by making use of the Eigenfaces algorithm. The system we created was designed for home automation but makes use of technologies that allow it to be applied within any environment. This opens the possibility for more research into dual factor authentication and the architecture of our system provides a blue print for the implementation of home based automation systems. This system with minimal modifications can be applied within an industrial application.

Citation Keypienaar_smartphone:_2015