Visible to the public Study of the disturbance propagation in the discrete model of power networks

TitleStudy of the disturbance propagation in the discrete model of power networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsYan, Y., Bao, W., Zhang, H., Liu, B., Xin, L.
Conference Name2015 5th International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies (DRPT)
Date Publishednov
Keywords1D chained power network, corner frequency, Decision support systems, discrete inertia model, Dispersion, disturbance propagation, electromechanical wave, electromechanical wave equation, frequency dispersion, interconnected power networks, local oscillation, Mathematical model, Oscillators, power network discrete model, power system interconnection, power system security, power system simulation, Propagation, pubcrawl170112, Rotors, Transfer functions, wave transfer function

The study of the characteristics of disturbance propagation in the interconnected power networks is of great importance to control the spreading of disturbance and improve the security level of power systems. In this paper, the characteristics of disturbance propagation in a one-dimensional chained power network are studied from the electromechanical wave point of view. The electromechanical wave equation is built based on the discrete inertia model of power networks. The wave transfer function which can describe the variations of amplitude and the phase is derived. Then, the propagation characteristics of different frequency disturbances are analyzed. The corner frequency of the discrete inertia model is proposed. Furthermore, the frequency dispersion and local oscillation are considered and their relationships with the corner frequency are revealed as well. Computer simulations for a 50 generators chained network are carried out to verify the propagation characteristics of disturbances with different frequencies.

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