Visible to the public HTML and PDF Fuzzing Methodology in iOS

TitleHTML and PDF Fuzzing Methodology in iOS
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsJo, Je-Gyeong, Ryou, Jae-cheol
Conference NameProceedings of the 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication
Conference LocationNew York, NY, USA
ISBN Number978-1-4503-4142-4
KeywordsCollaboration, composability, Encryption, fuzzing, HTML, Human Behavior, ios, iOS encryption, Jailbreak, Metrics, MobileSafari, PDF, Resiliency, Scalability

iOS is well-known operating system which is strong in security. However, many attacking methods of iOS have recently been published which are called "Masque Attack", "Null Dereference" and "Italy Hacking Team's RCS". Therefore, security and safety is not suitable word to iOS. In addition, many security researchers have a problem to analyze iOS because the iOS is difficult to debug because of closed source. So, we propose a new security testing method for iOS. At first, we perform to fuzz iOS's web browser called MobileSafari. The MobileSafari is possible to express HTML, PDF and mp4, etc. We perform test abnormal HTML and PDF using our fuzzing method. We hope that our research can be helpful to iOS's security and safety.

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