Visible to the public A Human Information-Processing Analysis of Online Deception Detection - April 2017Conflict Detection Enabled

Purpose: To highlight project progress. Information is generally at a higher level which is accessible to the interested public. All information contained in the report (regions 1-3) is a Government Deliverable/CDRL.

PI(s):  Robert W. Proctor, Ninghui Li
Researchers: Jing Chen; Weining Yang; Aiping Xiong; Wanling Zou



  • Human Behavior - Predicting individual users’ judgments and decisions regarding possible online deception.  Our research addresses this problem within the context of examining user decisions with regard to phishing attacks. This work is grounded within the scientific literature on human decision-making processes.




  • We found that when anti-phishing training was embedded within security warnings, users were better at detecting phishing pages later even though the warning was not presented.

  • We developed hypotheses that embedded training will have similar effects in other online deception contexts.