Visible to the public detection publisher problem in simulinkConflict Detection Enabled

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I have a problem with using simulink to create a node about detection. Does anyone saw this problem previous and know the solution?

I set the blankMsg as polygonStamped. and in the Publisher also is polygonStamped.

The matlab function named outputMsg is very similiar with posted in task2.

I cut some pictures for this problem.

Jonathan Sprinkle
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Probably this error is

Probably this error is related to the name of the Simulink data bus. I realize it's a little confusing, but check out this tutorial:

And look under "Task 3 - Work with Messages Using MATLAB Function Block"

If you look at it, it might have the name of your previous example you cloned (e.g., task1simulink or laserscan2image) as part of its name. You will need to select the SL_Bus_..... to match what your new filename is. I think if you do that, things will work out! :)

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