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11th International Conference on Verification and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems

The VECoS conference series is interested in the analysis of computer and communication systems in which functional and extra-functional properties are inter-related. VECoS encourages the cross-fertilization between the various formal verification and evaluation approaches, methods and techniques, and especially those developed for concurrent and distributed hardware/software systems.

Topics of interest to the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • -Abstraction techniques
  • -Certification standards for real-time systems
  • -Compositional verification
  • -Correct-by-construction design
  • -Dependability assessment techniques
  • -Equivalence checking
  • -Model-checking
  • -Parameterized verification
  • -Performance and robustness evaluation
  • -Probabilistic verification
  • -QoS evaluation, planning and deployment
  • -RAMS (Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety) assessment
  • -Rigorous system design
  • -Security protocols verification
  • -Simulation techniques of discrete-event and hybrid systems
  • -Supervisory control
  • -Verification & validation of IoT
  • -Verification & validation of safety-critical systems
  • -Worst-case execution time analysis

Application areas of VECoS include: adaptive systems, communication protocols, computer-supported collaborative work systems, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, high performance computing, internet of things, logistics systems, manufactory of the future, mixed criticality systems, mobile and wireless networking, operations research, programming languages, real-time and embedded operating systems, service oriented systems, telecommunication systems, ubiquitous systems, web services, wireless sensor networks and workflow systems.

An overview of previous VECoS conferences can be found at:

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Montréal, Canada