Visible to the public 2017 ISEF Winners of NSA RD AwardsConflict Detection Enabled

And the National Security Agency Research Directorate Awards Winners are:

  • 1st Place in Science of Security - Rucha Joshi - $3,000 Prize
    • Power-efficient, Delay and Spatial Error Tolerant, Dynamic 3D Network Analysis
    • From Westwood High School, Austin TX
  • 2nd Place in Science of Security - Holly Jackson - $1,000 Prize
    • Unlocking History: An Algorithm to Virtually Unfold 3D Computed Tomography Scans of Unopened Historical Documents
    • from Notre Dame High School, San Jose, CA
  • 2nd Place in Science of Security - Mihir Patel & Nikhil Sardana - $1,000
    • Automating Identification of Terrorist Recruitment on Social Media Platforms
    • from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA.
  • Honorable Mention in Science of Security - Nicky Wojtania
    • Cellulose Nanocrystals for Security Applications: Embedding Non-Optical Signatures Provided by Nanoparticles into Cellulose Nanocrystal Chiral Nematic Films
    • From Plano West Senior High School, Plano TX
  • Honorable Mention in Science of Security - Mary Catherine Lorio
    • Quantum Eraser with Applications to Optical Quantum Information Processing of Polarization-Encoded Qubits
    • From St. Joseph's Academy, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Honorable Mention in Science of Security - Michael Litt
    • MATCHLESS: A Linear Algebraic Approach to Duplicate File Identification
    • From Orange High School, Pepper Pike, OH

  • 1st Place in Mathematics - Shobhita Sundaram - $1,000
    • Detection of Premalignant Pancreatic Caner via Computational Analysis of Serum Proteomic Profiles
    • From Greenwich High School, Greenwich, CT
  • Honorable Mention in Mathematics - Carson Cato
    • Optimizing the Search for Mersenne Primes
    • From Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts, Hot Springs, AR
  • Honorable Mention in Mathematics - Tassilo Schwarz
    • Done Defense System: Detection, Tracking, Classification and Targeting of Flight Objects in 3D and Real Time
    • From Johannes-Heidenhain-Gymnasium Traunreut, Traunreut, Bayern Germany

Further details will be posted.