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The LASER Workshop
October 18-19, 2017
Arlington, VA

The Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results (LASER) workshop series focuses on learning from and improving cybersecurity experimental results. LASER explores both positive and negative results, the latter of which are not often published. LASER's overarching goal is to foster a dramatic change in the paradigm of cyber security research and experimentation, improving the overall quality of practiced science.

This year, LASER's goal will be to improve the rigor and quality of security experimentation by providing a venue where cybersecurity researchers can discuss experimental methods and present research that exemplifies sound scientific practice. We specifically seek papers that document well-designed cybersecurity experiments with either positive or negative results, experimental techniques that help address common sources of error, and attempts to replicate previously published experiments (whether successful or not).

Participants will find LASER to be a constructive and highly interactive venue featuring informal paper presentations and extended discussions. To promote a high level of interaction, attendance will be limited, with first preference given to participating authors and program committee members. Additional seats will be available on a first-come first-served basis.

LASER also seeks to foster good science in the next generation of cyber security researchers. As such, LASER offers a limited number of student scholarships for participation.

Call for Papers

The full Call for Papers can be found at

Important Dates

07/15/17 - Submissions Due
09/01/17 - Authors Notified
09/28/17 - Pre-workshop papers due
10/18-19/17 - Workshop
11/22/17 - Final Papers Due

Further Information

If you have questions or comments about LASER, or if you would like additional information about the workshop, visit or email us at

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Arlington, VA