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Public Audience
Purpose: To highlight project progress. Information is generally at a higher level which is accessible to the interested public. All information contained in the report (regions 1-3) is a Government Deliverable/CDRL.

PI(s):  Laurie Williams, Munindar Singh
Researchers: Ozgur Kafali, Sarah Elder, Hui Guo


  • Policy-Governed Secure Collaboration - This project addresses how to specify and analyze norms (standards of correct collaborative behavior) and policies (ways of achieving different collaborative behaviors) to understand their relation to security breaches.
  • Security Metrics and Models - The project is to develop and analyze metrics that quantify how well security policies account for real breaches, and identify the gaps in between.

Report papers written as a result of this research. If accepted by or submitted to a journal, which journal. If presented at a conference, which conference.


  • We have started our pilot crowdsourcing study on Amazon Mechanical Turk to test our hypotheses on whether the corwd is an effective way of understanding normative relations between design time documents such as security policies and regulations, and run time artifacts such as breach reports.
  • We have started the development of a security card game to understand strategic security decisions that people make, and gain insight towards developing comprehensive threat models.