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2017 Safe and Secure Systems and Software Symposium (S5)

1 - 3 August 2017 | The Crowne Plaza Dayton, Ohio |

ANNOUNCEMENT: The abstract submission period for the 2017 S5 event has ended and notifications are planned to submitters on/before 16 June. However, based on the submissions, some abstracts may be asked to present posters versus presentations. Additionally, due to the dedication of one day of S5 to AFRL's Summer of Innovation project, we are extending the abstract submission period until 21 June 2017 for those who wish to present posters. With this extension, notification of poster acceptance will be on/before 28 June.

Only unlimited distribution and non-proprietary abstracts will be considered for acceptance.

Session Topics are as follows
"These Session Topics have been approved for public release. Case Number 88ABW-2017-2218":

  1. Assurance Arguments for Autonomous Systems
  2. Research into Formalization, Analysis, and Validation of Requirements, Architectures, and Models
  3. Application of formal design and analysis techniques and tools to a challenge problem for the certification of highly complex or autonomous systems
  4. Tool Demonstration of Verification and Validation Approaches
  5. Autonomous System Regulations and Certifications
  6. Verification and Validation of Human-Machine Interfaces and Protocols
  7. Cumulative Evidence through RDT&E, DT, & OT
  8. Run Time Assurance for highly complex or autonomous systems
  9. Other critical technologies and/or certification issues in safety and security applications

More detailed descriptions of these topics can be found on the Call for Abstracts page on the S5 website ( If you have any questions, please email them to