Visible to the public Towards a European Roadmap on Research and Innovation in Engineering and Management of CPSoSConflict Detection Enabled

CPSoS has identified three core long-term research challenges that must be addressed in an inter-disciplinary manner and in collaboration of tool and solution providers, end-users, and research institutions:

  • Distributed, reliable and efficient management of cyber-physical systems of systems
  • Engineering support for the design-operation continuum of cyber-physical systems of systems
  • Towards cognitive cyber-physical systems of systems

In addition, CPSoS has defined 11 medium-term research and innovation priorities that should receive attention and funding during the next 5 years in order to advance towards meeting the core challenges.

The research challenges and medium-term priorities are described in detail in the brochure "Proposal of a European Research and Innovation Agenda on Cyber-physical Systems of Systems - 2016-2025". The brochure also contains detailed summaries of industrial and societal needs and of the state of the art in a variety of industrial technology sectors. You may view and download the brochure at