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International Workshop on Science of Smart City Operations and Platforms Engineering (SCOPE)
This workshop series explores provisions in existing and planned smart city deployments and addresses the challenges critical to integrating humans, physical components and computers in cyber-physical systems at smart city scale. 

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Columbus, OH to host Smart City Hackathon to leverage data hub
The City of Columbus, Ohio hosted a three-day Smart City Hackathon in May 2018.  Developers were given open data to try to solve transportation problems in the city.

2017 National Workshop on Developing a Research Agenda for Connected Rural Communities (CRC'17)
The University of Virginia held a national workshop to define overarching challenges, explore opportunities, develop collaborations, and build strategies toward a research agenda to advance quality of life in under-connected rural communities.

SC2: US-India Smart and Connected Communities Workshop
The 3-day workshop brought together top researchers in India and the US to brainstorm and identify potential areas of Indo-US research collaboration in the areas of Smart Cities, 5G Wireless, Big Data, and IOT. A workshop report can be found here.

2016 NSF Visioning Workshop on Smart and Connected Communities Research and Education
The purpose of the workshop was to engage academic researchers, industry partners, and municipal leaders in detailed discussions on research gaps, practical needs, and priorities for enabling the smart and connected communities of the future. The ultimate goal was to create a research agenda to achieve the S&CC vision.

Smart City Security and Privacy Workshop (SCSP-W 2016) 
Held in conjunction with CPS Week 2016, SCSP-W focused on security and privacy aspects of smart cities that are pertinent to areas like Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Buildings, Smart-Grid Systems, Critical Infrastructure Networks, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Medical Devices.
Smart and Connected Communities for Learning: A Cyberlearning Innovation Lab
The Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning along with KnowInnovation hosted a weeklong workshop to catalyze research concepts and partnerships to advance how technology can foster lifelong, lifewide learning across settings in communities. Access workshop blogpost here.


1st International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems in the Context of Smart Cities
This workshop was a forum for authors to present their early research findings in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems in the context of Smart Cities. The workshop aims at overviews, theoretical approaches, tools and frameworks, applications, system infrastructures and test beds for Cyber-Physical Systems. 

2015 NSF Workshop on Smart Cities
The goal of the Workshop was to identify a short and longer-term agenda for Smart Cities research spanning areas that include transportation, energy distribution, health care, water resources, environmental monitoring, emergency response, and related issues of data management, social engagement, urban planning, and policy. The workshop report can be found here.

2015 NSF Early-Career Investigators' Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems in Smart Cities
The 2015 ECI-CPS workshop sought to identify, develop, and strengthen the CPS research community, particularly in the emerging areas of Smart Cities. Participation in this workshop was thus prioritized for early-career researchers (i.e., senior Ph.D. candidates, postdoctoral fellows, research scientists, and assistant professors).