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Smart Cities Week

Smart Cities Week(r) is the first major smart cities event in North America to bring together public and private sector visionaries, including officials from all levels of government and leading companies actively deploying smart technologies in cities around the globe.

Estimates of smart cities market growth vary widely, but the one constant is a universal expectation that substantial acceleration will occur - and soon. The market for smart cities technology is worth more than $8 billion today. And according to ABI Research, in just five years, the market could be worth nearly five times that much.

Smart Cities Week(r) will focus on holistic, integrated approaches to the challenges cities face in this era of aging infrastructure and swelling populations. Attendees will see and hear firsthand how a truly smart city is a well-oiled machine with all of its separate parts working in unison to improve operational efficiencies and streamline service delivery to citizens.

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Washington D.C.
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