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The National Security Agency Research Director posted on her LinkedIn Profile about the successes and failures of Science. She is requested the community to email first hand examples to research_partners at nsa dot gov. This is a great chance for the SoS community to provide input.

"Hello all, between now and 31 August I am seeking first hand examples of how cybersecurity science or cybersecurity scientific findings are being leveraged, outside the uses of the science community itself. Ie, I am interested in such areas as where cybersecurity science has informed organizational policy, or product selection, guided an acquisition practice, served as a foundational principle of a company, etc. If you have an example you are willing to share, please email them to research_partners at nsa dot gov. The intent is to leverage these as a straw poll to inform a talk, and potentially to share (anonymized) on our Science of Security community website. We may do additional followup if there is interest. Please use the title SCIENCE SUCCESS (or SCIENCE FAIL) in your email, and indicate whether you are willing to be contacted for additional detail. Again, the focus is on cybersecurity science specifically, not other aspects of science. Many thanks! Deb"