Visible to the public PICASSO IoT/CPS Opportunity Report – “Towards Enhanced EU‐US ICT Pre‐competitive Collaboration”Conflict Detection Enabled

This report describes the major results that were obtained by the PICASSO Expert Groups in the first half of the PICASSO project on the technology sectors Internet of Things IoT) / Cyber-physical Systems (CPS), Big Data, and 5G, and on ICT policy relating to these technology sectors.

The aim of the 30-months PICASSO project is (1) to reinforce EU-US collaboration in ICT research and innovation focusing on the pre-competitive research in key enabling technologies related to societal challenges - 5G Networks, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems, and (2) to support the EU-US ICT policy dialogue by contributions related to e.g. privacy, security, internet governance, interoperability, ethics.

The report can be found online at: