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Jul 15, 2015 - Jun 30, 2018


Le Moyne College

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This project will develop novel ways to teach cybersecurity topics. It is challenging for computer science (CS) programs with limited faculty resources to cover the breadth and depth of the discipline. The challenge increases as CS curriculum guidelines places more emphasis on emerging areas such as cybersecurity.

For CS majors, the project will produce cybersecurity modules for injection into existing courses. This approach supports the CS curriculum guidelines as 63.5 of the 72.5 lecture hours in the Information Assurance and Security knowledge area are distributed across other knowledge areas. Each module will include learning assessments to track students' progress in achieving the cybersecurity learning outcomes while the project will use student portfolios for program-level assessment. A multi-college event will be organized to provide additional hands-on learning experience on cybersecurity topics.

For non-majors, this project will refine a cybersecurity course taught in an interdisciplinary manner to humanities and sciences students. This course goes beyond the traditional computer literacy course by covering topics valuable for making decisions about cybersecurity issues that may arise in the future.