Visible to the public Distributed Software Infrastructure for General Purpose Services in Smart Grid

TitleDistributed Software Infrastructure for General Purpose Services in Smart Grid
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPatti, E., Syrri, A. L. A., Jahn, M., Mancarella, P., Acquaviva, A., Macii, E.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
KeywordsAggregation, Collaboration, communication technology attacks, composability, Demand response (DR), Distributed Systems, distribution network, event-based middleware, event-driven middleware, general purpose services, hardware-independent interoperability, heterogeneous technology, interoperability, middleware, middleware reliability, middleware security, open systems, Peer-to-peer computing, peer-to-peer distributed software infrastructure, Pervasive computing, power distribution reliability, power engineering computing, power system security, pubcrawl, reliability, Resiliency, security, Sensors, Smart grid, smart power grids, UK distribution network, web services

In this paper, the design of an event-driven middleware for general purpose services in smart grid (SG) is presented. The main purpose is to provide a peer-to-peer distributed software infrastructure to allow the access of new multiple and authorized actors to SGs information in order to provide new services. To achieve this, the proposed middleware has been designed to be: 1) event-based; 2) reliable; 3) secure from malicious information and communication technology attacks; and 4) to enable hardware independent interoperability between heterogeneous technologies. To demonstrate practical deployment, a numerical case study applied to the whole U.K. distribution network is presented, and the capabilities of the proposed infrastructure are discussed.

Citation Keypatti_distributed_2016