Visible to the public A survey of distributed denial of service attack

TitleA survey of distributed denial of service attack
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMallikarjunan, K. N., Muthupriya, K., Shalinie, S. M.
Conference Name2016 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control (ISCO)
ISBN Number978-1-4673-7807-9
Keywordsbotnets, cloud computing, Computer crime, computer network security, DDoS, DDoS attack detection strategies, distributed denial of service attack, Floods, Human Behavior, human factors, Information security, interconnected systems, IP networks, Metrics, Protocols, pubcrawl, Resiliency, resources, server, Servers, TCP, UDP, video surveillance

Information security deals with a large number of subjects like spoofed message detection, audio processing, video surveillance and cyber-attack detections. However the biggest threat for the homeland security is cyber-attacks. Distributed Denial of Service attack is one among them. Interconnected systems such as database server, web server, cloud computing servers etc., are now under threads from network attackers. Denial of service is common attack in the internet which causes problem for both the user and the service providers. Distributed attack sources can be used to enlarge the attack in case of Distributed Denial of Service so that the effect of the attack will be high. Distributed Denial of Service attacks aims at exhausting the communication and computational power of the network by flooding the packets through the network and making malicious traffic in the network. In order to be an effective service the DDoS attack must be detected and mitigated quickly before the legitimate user access the attacker's target. The group of systems that is used to perform the DoS attack is known as the botnets. This paper introduces the overview of the state of art in DDoS attack detection strategies.

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