Visible to the public Cyber security threats \#x2014; Smart grid infrastructure

TitleCyber security threats \#x2014; Smart grid infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPandey, R. K., Misra, M.
Conference Name2016 National Power Systems Conference (NPSC)
Date Publisheddec
ISBN Number978-1-4673-9968-5
Keywordscomposability, computer security, cyber infrastructure, cyber security, cyber security threats, cyber-attack, Demand response (DR), denial-of-service (DoS), electronic devices, ICT, ICT driven power equipment massively layered structure, Metrics, new generation sensors, NIST, Peak Load Management (PLM), power grid vulnerability analysis, power system framework, power system security, prosumer, Protocols, pubcrawl, R and D, Resiliency, risk evaluation process, SCADA, secure cyber infrastructure, security of data, smart devices, smart grid infrastructure, Smart grids, smart meters, smart power grids, smart power system, Software, WANs

Smart grid is an evolving new power system framework with ICT driven power equipment massively layered structure. The new generation sensors, smart meters and electronic devices are integral components of smart grid. However, the upcoming deployment of smart devices at different layers followed by their integration with communication networks may introduce cyber threats. The interdependencies of various subsystems functioning in the smart grid, if affected by cyber-attack, may be vulnerable and greatly reduce efficiency and reliability due to any one of the device not responding in real time frame. The cyber security vulnerabilities become even more evident due to the existing superannuated cyber infrastructure. This paper presents a critical review on expected cyber security threats in complex environment and addresses the grave concern of a secure cyber infrastructure and related developments. An extensive review on the cyber security objectives and requirements along with the risk evaluation process has been undertaken. The paper analyses confidentiality and privacy issues of entire components of smart power system. A critical evaluation on upcoming challenges with innovative research concerns is highlighted to achieve a roadmap of an immune smart grid infrastructure. This will further facilitate R&d; associated developments.

Citation Keypandey_cyber_2016