Visible to the public Optimally Segmented Permanent Magnet Structures

TitleOptimally Segmented Permanent Magnet Structures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsInsinga, A. R., Bjørk, R., Smith, A., Bahl, C. R. H.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Keywords2D magnetic system, composability, compositionality, cyber physical systems, finite element analysis, linear objective functional, magnetic devices, Magnetic domains, Magnetic noise, Magnetic Remanence, Magnetic separation, Magnetic shielding, optimal segmentation, optimisation, Optimization, Optimization methods, permanent magnet machines, permanent magnet structures, Permanent magnets, Permeability, pubcrawl, remanence, remanent flux density vector, Resiliency, Soft magnetic materials

We present an optimization approach that can be employed to calculate the globally optimal segmentation of a 2-D magnetic system into uniformly magnetized pieces. For each segment, the algorithm calculates the optimal shape and the optimal direction of the remanent flux density vector, with respect to a linear objective functional. We illustrate the approach with results for magnet design problems from different areas, such as a permanent magnet electric motor, a beam-focusing quadrupole magnet for particle accelerators, and a rotary device for magnetic refrigeration.

Citation Keyinsinga_optimally_2016