Visible to the public Policy enforcement for big data security

TitlePolicy enforcement for big data security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAl-Shomrani, A., Fathy, F., Jambi, K.
Conference Name2017 2nd International Conference on Anti-Cyber Crimes (ICACC)
Date Publishedmar
KeywordsBig Data, Big Data handling, big data privacy, big data security, Business, cloud computing, compositionality, Data analysis, data privacy, large-scale data storage, Metrics, policy, policy enforcement, privacy, privacy policy, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scientific Computing Security, security, security of data

Security and privacy of big data becomes challenging as data grows and more accessible by more and more clients. Large-scale data storage is becoming a necessity for healthcare, business segments, government departments, scientific endeavors and individuals. Our research will focus on the privacy, security and how we can make sure that big data is secured. Managing security policy is a challenge that our framework will handle for big data. Privacy policy needs to be integrated, flexible, context-aware and customizable. We will build a framework to receive data from customer and then analyze data received, extract privacy policy and then identify the sensitive data. In this paper we will present the techniques for privacy policy which will be created to be used in our framework.

Citation Keyal-shomrani_policy_2017