Visible to the public Resilience-based optimization of recovery strategies for network systems

TitleResilience-based optimization of recovery strategies for network systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPan, X., Yang, Y., Zhang, G., Zhang, B.
Conference Name2017 Second International Conference on Reliability Systems Engineering (ICRSE)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-0918-7
Keywordsindustrial production, maintenance engineering, Modeling, network systems, optimisation, Optimization, performance cumulative process, pubcrawl, Recovery Strategy, reliability, repair sequence, resilience, Resilience Model, resilience models, Resiliency, resource allocation, Robustness, System recovery, system recovery strategies, Time measurement, transportation systems, water supply systems

Network systems, such as transportation systems and water supply systems, play important roles in our daily life and industrial production. However, a variety of disruptive events occur during their life time, causing a series of serious losses. Due to the inevitability of disruption, we should not only focus on improving the reliability or the resistance of the system, but also pay attention to the ability of the system to response timely and recover rapidly from disruptive events. That is to say we need to pay more attention to the resilience. In this paper, we describe two resilience models, quotient resilience and integral resilience, to measure the final recovered performance and the performance cumulative process during recovery respectively. Based on these two models, we implement the optimization of the system recovery strategies after disruption, focusing on the repair sequence of the damaged components and the allocation scheme of resource. The proposed research in this paper can serve as guidance to prioritize repair tasks and allocate resource reasonably.

Citation Keypan_resilience-based_2017