Visible to the public A Practical One-Time File Encryption Protocol for IoT Devices

TitleA Practical One-Time File Encryption Protocol for IoT Devices
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsWei, B., Liao, G., Li, W., Gong, Z.
Conference Name2017 IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) and IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC)
Date Publishedjul
Keywordscryptographic protocols, cryptographic techniques, data privacy, data protection, database, database management systems, Electronic mail, Elliptic curve cryptography, Encryption, file encryption, file organisation, file protection, Internet of Things, IoT, IoT devices, IoT environment, Metrics, node scalability, OTFEP, privacy issues, Protocols, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Scalability, scalable one-time file encryption protocol, secure key distribution mechanism, security issues, security protocol, Servers, small file, specialized security requirements, stream file, system manager, third-party auditors

Security and privacy issues of the Internet of Things (IoT in short, hereafter) attracts the hot topic of researches through these years. As the relationship between user and server become more complicated than before, the existing security solutions might not provide exhaustive securities in IoT environment and novel solutions become new research challenges, e.g., the solutions based on symmetric cryptosystems are unsuited to handle with the occasion that decryption is only allowed in specific time range. In this paper, a new scalable one-time file encryption scheme combines reliable cryptographic techniques, which is named OTFEP, is proposed to satisfy specialized security requirements. One of OTFEP's key features is that it offers a mechanism to protect files in the database from arbitrary visiting from system manager or third-party auditors. OTFEP uses two different approaches to deal with relatively small file and stream file. Moreover, OTFEP supports good node scalability and secure key distribution mechanism. Based on its practical security and performance, OTFEP can be considered in specific IoT devices where one-time file encryption is necessary.

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