Visible to the public A Graphical Password Authentication for analyzing legitimate user in online social network and secure social image repository with metadata

TitleA Graphical Password Authentication for analyzing legitimate user in online social network and secure social image repository with metadata
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBijoy, J. M., Kavitha, V. K., Radhakrishnan, B., Suresh, L. P.
Conference Name2017 International Conference on Circuit ,Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT)
ISBN Number978-1-5090-4967-7
Keywordsalphanumeric textbased password, authentication, authorisation, automatic policy prediction, Collaboration, Computer hacking, data privacy, Databases, flaw points, Graphical Password authentication, hassle-free privacy setting, Internet, legitimate user, meta data, Meta Data Stratification, metadata, multimedia information sharing, online social network, policy-based governance, privacy, pubcrawl, secure social image repository, Security Policies Analysis, Social network services, social networking (online), uploaded images

Internet plays a crucial role in today's life, so the usage of online social network monotonically increasing. People can share multimedia information's fastly and keep in touch or communicate with friend's easily through online social network across the world. Security in authentication is a big challenge in online social network and authentication is a preliminary process for identifying legitimate user. Conventionally, we are using alphanumeric textbased password for authentication approach. But the main flaw points of text based password is highly vulnerable to attacks and difficulty of recalling password during authentication time due to the irregular use of passwords. To overcome the shortcoming of text passwords, we propose a Graphical Password authentication. An approach of Graphical Password is an authentication of amalgam of pictures. It is less vulnerable to attacks and human can easily recall pictures better than text. So the graphical password is a better alternative to text passwords. As the image uploads are increasing by users share through online site, privacy preserving has become a major problem. So we need a Caption Based Metadata Stratification of images for delivers an automatic suggestion of similar category already in database, it works by comparing the caption metadata of album with caption metadata already in database or extract the synonyms of caption metadata of new album for checking the similarity with caption metadata already in database. This stratification offers an enhanced automatic privacy prediction for uploaded images in online social network, privacy is an inevitable factor for uploaded images, and privacy violation is a major concern. So we propose an Automatic Policy Prediction for uploaded images that are classified by caption metadata. An automatic policy prediction is a hassle-free privacy setting proposed to the user.

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