Visible to the public CI-EN: Trust-Hub: Development of Benchmarks, Metrics, and Validation Platforms for Hardware Security, and a Web-based Dissemination PortalConflict Detection Enabled

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Jul 01, 2015 - Sep 30, 2016


William Marsh Rice University

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The growing hardware security community is faced with an immediate need to develop effective tools and benchmarks. The purpose of this project is to lead a community-wide movement toward stronger assurances in our integrated circuits, computational platforms, and electronics supply chain. Based on the proven effectiveness of information sharing in many communities including crypto and computer-aided design, the PIs plan a significant enhancement and increase in scope of Trust-Hub, a central web-based repository for benchmarks, hardware authentication platforms, evaluation software, source codes, tools, and much more in the area of hardware security and trust.

The intellectual merits of this project include development of (i) procedures to dynamically generate trust benchmarks with hard-to-detect Trojan instances, (ii) hardware platforms for security validation, (iii) a suite of security metrics, (iv) a suite of ready to apply attacks, and (viii) comprehensive hardware/software validation test suites and data. The results of this project would be of interest to semiconductor companies, US government agencies and university researchers worldwide. Benefits to the society include secure and trustworthy electronics for healthcare, defense, finance, transportation, automotive and other applications. This research will impact the education of students, industry professionals, and government agencies' engineers through courses, online materials, and on- and off-campus seminars.