Visible to the public Security beamforming algorithms in multibeam satellite systems

TitleSecurity beamforming algorithms in multibeam satellite systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLu, W., Jiang, Y., Yin, C., Tao, X., Lai, P.
Conference Name2017 IEEE 2nd Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IAEAC)
Keywordsachievable secrecy rate, array signal processing, BF weight vectors, composability, Interference, legitimate user, Metrics, multibeam satellite, multibeam satellite communication system, on-board satellite transmit power constraint, optimisation, Optimization, optimization problem, physical layer security, power allocation coefficients, privacy, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Satellite broadcasting, satellite communication, Satellites, security, security beamforming algorithms, signal processing security, Signal to noise ratio, signal-to-leakage-and-noise ratio, SLNR BF algorithm, telecommunication security, the sum of achievable secrecy rate, zero-forcing, zero-forcing BF algorithms, ZF BF algorithm
AbstractThis paper investigates the physical layer security in a multibeam satellite communication system, where each legitimate user is surrounded by one eavesdropper. First of all, an optimization problem is formulated to maximize the sum of achievable secrecy rate, while satisfying the on-board satellite transmit power constraint. Then, two transmit beamforming(BF) schemes, namely, the zero-forcing (ZF) and the signal-to-leakage-and-noise ratio (SLNR) BF algorithms are proposed to obtain the BF weight vectors as well as power allocation coefficients. Finally, simulation results are provided to verify the validity of the two proposed methods and demonstrate that the SLNR BF algorithm outperforms the ZF BF algorithm.
Citation Keylu_security_2017