Visible to the public A new hybrid encryption technique permuting text and image based on hyperchaotic system

TitleA new hybrid encryption technique permuting text and image based on hyperchaotic system
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHassene, S., Eddine, M. N.
Conference Name2016 2nd International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Signal and Image Processing (ATSIP)
Keywordschaos, chaotic cryptography, Ciphers, composability, cryptography, Encryption, encryption algorithms, Generators, hybrid, hybrid encryption technique, hyperchaotic system, HyprChaos, image, image encryption, image processing, Metrics, Niobium, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Software algorithms, Text, text encryption

This paper proposes a new hybrid technique for combined encryption text and image based on hyperchaos system. Since antiquity, man has continued looking for ways to send messages to his correspondents in order to communicate with them safely. It needed, through successive epochs, both physical and intellectual efforts in order to find an effective and appropriate communication technique. On another note, there is a behavior between the rigid regularity and randomness. This behavior is called chaos. In fact, it is a new field of investigation that is opened along with a new understanding of the frequently misunderstood long effects. The chaotic cryptography is thus born by inclusion of chaos in encryption algorithms. This article is in this particular context. Its objective is to create and implement an encryption algorithm based on a hyperchaotic system. This algorithm is composed of four methods: two for encrypting images and two for encrypting texts. The user chose the type of the input of the encryption (image or text) and as well as of the output. This new algorithm is considered a renovation in the science of cryptology, with the hybrid methods. This research opened a new features.

Citation Keyhassene_new_2016