Visible to the public Meeting the Challenges of Critical and Extreme Dependability and Security

TitleMeeting the Challenges of Critical and Extreme Dependability and Security
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsEsteves-Verissimo, P., Völp, M., Decouchant, J., Rahli, V., Rocha, F.
Conference Name2017 IEEE 22nd Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC)
Date PublishedJan. 2017
ISBN Number978-1-5090-5652-1
KeywordsAdvanced and persistent threats, advanced persistent threats, Algorithm design and analysis, APT, composability, dependability risks, extreme computing, extreme security risks, fault and intrusion tolerance, Hardware, intrusion tolerance, Protocols, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, security, security of data, Software, sophisticated targeted attacks, Telecommunications, ultra-resilient components

The world is becoming an immense critical information infrastructure, with the fast and increasing entanglement of utilities, telecommunications, Internet, cloud, and the emerging IoT tissue. This may create enormous opportunities, but also brings about similarly extreme security and dependability risks. We predict an increase in very sophisticated targeted attacks, or advanced persistent threats (APT), and claim that this calls for expanding the frontier of security and dependability methods and techniques used in our current CII. Extreme threats require extreme defenses: we propose resilience as a unifying paradigm to endow systems with the capability of dynamically and automatically handling extreme adversary power, and sustaining perpetual and unattended operation. In this position paper, we present this vision and describe our methodology, as well as the assurance arguments we make for the ultra-resilient components and protocols they enable, illustrated with case studies in progress.

Citation Keyesteves-verissimo_meeting_2017