Visible to the public A distributed software-defined multi-agent architecture for unifying IoT applications

TitleA distributed software-defined multi-agent architecture for unifying IoT applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLiu, X., Leon-Garcia, A., Zhu, P.
Conference Name2017 8th IEEE Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON)
Date Publishedoct
Keywordsactuators, Computer architecture, Distributed Multi-Agent Architecture, Flexibility, heterogeneity, Internet of Things, interoperability, Protocols, pubcrawl, Scalability, security, security scalability, Sensors, Software-Defined Agent

During the development and expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), main challenges needing to be addressed are the heterogeneity, interoperability, scalability, flexibility and security of IoT applications. In this paper, we view IoT as a large-scale distributed cyber-physical-social complex network. From that perspective, the above challenges are analyzed. Then, we propose a distributed multi-agent architecture to unify numbers of different IoT applications by designing the software-defined sensors, auctuators and controllers. Furthermore, we analyze the proposed architecture and clarify why and how it can tackle the heterogeneity of IoT applications, enable them to interoperate with each other, make it efficient to introduce new applications, and enhance the flexibility and security of different applications. Finally, the use case of smart home with multiple applications is applied to verify the feasibility of the proposed solution for IoT architecture.

Citation Keyliu_distributed_2017