Visible to the public Design and analysis of high performance crypt-NoSQL

TitleDesign and analysis of high performance crypt-NoSQL
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsShih, M. H., Chang, J. M.
Conference Name2017 IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing
Date Publishedaug
ISBN Number978-1-5090-5569-2
KeywordsBenchmark testing, Big Data, Cassandra, cloud computing, cloud service, cloud service benchmark, cryptographic methods, cryptography, Data security, Encryption, high performance crypt-NoSQL, middleware, middleware layer, necessary data security, NoSQL, NoSQL databases, Performance, pubcrawl, query processing, relational database security, relational databases, Scalability, secure data encryption, security, security scalability, Service Level Agreement, SQL, storage management, Yahoo, YCSB

NoSQL databases have become popular with enterprises due to their scalable and flexible storage management of big data. Nevertheless, their popularity also brings up security concerns. Most NoSQL databases lacked secure data encryption, relying on developers to implement cryptographic methods at application level or middleware layer as a wrapper around the database. While this approach protects the integrity of data, it increases the difficulty of executing queries. We were motivated to design a system that not only provides NoSQL databases with the necessary data security, but also supports the execution of query over encrypted data. Furthermore, how to exploit the distributed fashion of NoSQL databases to deliver high performance and scalability with massive client accesses is another important challenge. In this research, we introduce Crypt-NoSQL, the first prototype to support execution of query over encrypted data on NoSQL databases with high performance. Three different models of Crypt-NoSQL were proposed and performance was evaluated with Yahoo! Cloud Service Benchmark (YCSB) considering an enormous number of clients. Our experimental results show that Crypt-NoSQL can process queries over encrypted data with high performance and scalability. A guidance of establishing service level agreement (SLA) for Crypt-NoSQL as a cloud service is also proposed.

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