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Apr 01, 2015 - Mar 31, 2017


University of California-Berkeley

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As all our data moves to the cloud many new security and privacy concerns arise and traditional cryptographic primitives prove insufficient in such scenarios. A key focus of this research is to advance the state of the art on cryptographic techniques that address these new challenges.

Recent results on obfuscation, have drastically changed what cryptographers thought as feasible. Applications of obfuscation include very exotic and extremely powerful cryptographic primitives such as, functional encryption for general circuits, secure multiparty computation with optimal communication, deniable encryption and so on. Unfortunately, known realizations of obfuscation, and therefore its applications, rely either on an exponential number of assumptions (basically, one per every pair of circuits), or a polynomial set of assumptions but with an exponential loss in security reduction. The PI plans to develop techniques for circumventing the use of obfuscation in some of its most important applications.