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Aug 15, 2015 - Jul 31, 2018


Stanford University

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The project will develop a variety of video and text-based cybersecurity educational materials for anyone who is interested or involved in public policy, and who would benefit from a greater familiarity with the constraints under which cybersecurity policy making occurs.

Cybersecurity education has usually focused on individuals who must take action to improve their own capabilities to resist cybersecurity threats. But cybersecurity is also a major public policy issue today - and policy makers need to know about cybersecurity to make informed decisions. However, policy makers who need to learn about cybersecurity generally lack the time to learn it deeply - "just-in-time" learning is a much better way to characterize their approach. Under these circumstances, their learning framework deviates from that of traditional students.

This project develops cybersecurity education materials specifically targeted toward individuals who may not have subject matter expertise about cybersecurity, nor the time to be able to undertake in-depth, semester(s)-long coursework.