Visible to the public A Cross-Layer Security Solution for Publish/Subscribe-Based IoT Services Communication Infrastructure

TitleA Cross-Layer Security Solution for Publish/Subscribe-Based IoT Services Communication Infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZhang, Y., Duan, L., Sun, C. A., Cheng, B., Chen, J.
Conference Name2017 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS)
Date Publishedjun
KeywordsAccess Control, anonymous IoT service interactions, Authorization, composability, Cross Layer Security, cross-layer security solution, Encryption, event consumers, event producers, event visibility, homomorphic encryption, indirect IoT service interactions, Internet of Things, IoT Service, IoT service communication infrastructure, IoT services collaborations, IoT services communication infrastructure, Logic gates, loose coupling, middleware, multicast IoT service interactions, Niobium, pubcrawl, Publish/Subscribe, publish/subscribe paradigm, Resiliency, route events, Routing, security policies, telecommunication security

The publish/subscribe paradigm can be used to build IoT service communication infrastructure owing to its loose coupling and scalability. Its features of decoupling among event producers and event consumers make IoT services collaborations more real-time and flexible, and allow indirect, anonymous and multicast IoT service interactions. However, in this environment, the IoT service cannot directly control the access to the events. This paper proposes a cross-layer security solution to address the above issues. The design principle of our security solution is to embed security policies into events as well as allow the network to route events according to publishers' policies and requirements. This solution helps to improve the system's performance, while keeping features of IoT service interactions and minimizing the event visibility at the same time. Experimental results show that our approach is effective.

Citation Keyzhang_cross-layer_2017