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Science of Security (SoS) Annual Report
The National Security Agency (NSA) Research Directorate sponsors the Science of Security (SoS) initiative for the promotion of a foundational cybersecurity science that is needed to mature the cybersecurity discipline and to underpin advances in cyber defense. Unlike the efforts undertaken by other parts of the government and industry, the SoS initiative focuses on foundational research that can fundamentally change the approach to cybersecurity, developing strategic rather than tactical approaches.
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Final Report from the Workshop on Future Directions in Cyber-Physical Systems Security
The ACM CPSS 2015 workshop provided a platform for professionals from academia, government, and industry to discuss how to address the increasing security challenges facing CPS.

Trust in the Information Society: A Report of the Advisory Board RISEPTIS
In April, 2008, the European Commission (EC) Advisory Board for Research & Innovation on Security, Privacy, and Trustworthiness in the Information Society (RISEPTIS) was established with the objective to provide visionary guidance on policy and research challenges in the field of security and trust in the Information Society. This report aims to understand how the mechanisms of trust can be maintained through the fundamental transformation of society by the Internet and the World Wide Web.

JASON Report on the Science of Cybersecurity
JASON was requested by the DoD to examine the theory and practice of cyber-security, and evaluate whether there are underlying fundamental principles that would make it possible to adopt a more scientific approach, identify what is needed in creating a science of cyber-security, and recommend specific ways in which scientific methods can be applied.