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2018 International Conference on Intelligent Rail Transportation (IEEE ICIRT 2018)
This conference, held Dec 12-14, 2018 in Singapore, aims to provide a platform for all rail transportation engineers and researchers to share good design practices and R&D outcomes with the objective to work towards this goal.

2018 16th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems Telecommunications (ITST)
Held Oct 15-17, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, the conference intends to be the forum where academia and industry present, discuss and share the recent advances of telecommunications and its impact on Intelligent Transportation System.

2nd International Workshop on Safe Control of Autonomous Vehicles (SCAV 2018)
The goal of this workshop (hosted by CPS Week 2018) is to discuss and consolidate models, algorithms, and verification approaches for safety and resilience of the whole control loop of autonomous machines and machine collectives.

VISOR Multi-Modal Mobility Workshop
This workshop brings together a group of experts from academia, Metro Nashville, and the Vanderbilt University to develop innovative transportation and mobility solutions for Metro Nashville and Vanderbilt University that can be applied in the next 5 years.

Winter 2018 | Spring 2018

2014 NSF National Workshop on Transportation Cyber-Physical Systems
This workshop gathered leaders from industry, research laboratories, academic institutions, and government agencies to assess the current state of transportation CPS and continue discussion on future directions for research and development.

2011 Workshop on Developing Dependable and Secure Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems from Compontents
The goal of the workshop was to address emerging challenges relative to reliability, availability, safety, and security attributes of software-intensive electronic automotive control systems and road infrastructure systems.

2008 National Workshop for Research on Transportation Cyber-Physical Systems: Automotive, Aviation, and Rail
This workshop was aimed at identifying common needs and research challenges that must be addressed for the healthy future of individual sector as well as collective transportation sector for aviation, automobile and railway.

2008 National Workshop on High-Confidence Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems
This initial automotive workshop established the value of and interest in automotive applications for the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) research agenda.

December 2007 (Planning meeting) | April 2008

2006 National Workshop on Aviation Software Systems: Design for Certifiably Dependable Systems
The goal of the workshop was to bring together the Practice Community with the Research Community to define the Intellectual Agenda in Software for Critical Aviation Systems.