Visible to the public A privacy-preserving homomorphic encryption scheme for the Internet of Things

TitleA privacy-preserving homomorphic encryption scheme for the Internet of Things
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsZouari, J., Hamdi, M., Kim, T. H.
Conference Name2017 13th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC)
KeywordsAdditives, ambient environment, context-aware decision mechanisms, cryptography, data analysis module, data concealment, disruptive paradigm, elliptic curve, Elliptic curves, Encryption, end-to-end encryption, fully additive encryption, fully additive secret sharing, heterogeneous smart things, homomorphic encryption, hop-by-hop encryption, human factors, Internet of Things, IoT, Logic gates, Metrics, privacy homomorphism, pubcrawl, Resiliency, resource constrained devices, Scalability, secret sharing, secure cooperation, Sensors, smart things

The Internet of Things is a disruptive paradigm based on the cooperation of a plethora of heterogeneous smart things to collect, transmit, and analyze data from the ambient environment. To this end, many monitored variables are combined by a data analysis module in order to implement efficient context-aware decision mechanisms. To ensure resource efficiency, aggregation is a long established solution, however it is applicable only in the case of one sensed variable. We extend the use of aggregation to the complex context of IoT by proposing a novel approach for secure cooperation of smart things while granting confidentiality and integrity. Traditional solutions for data concealment in resource constrained devices rely on hop-by-hop or end-to-end encryption, which are shown to be inefficient in our context. We use a more sophisticated scheme relying on homomorphic encryption which is not compromise resilient. We combine fully additive encryption with fully additive secret sharing to fulfill the required properties. Thorough security analysis and performance evaluation show a viable tradeoff between security and efficiency for our scheme.

Citation Keyzouari_privacy-preserving_2017