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AAAI-18 Attendees: AAAI/ACM SIGAI Job Fair

The AAAI/ACM SIGAI Job Fair is back for a 2018 installment. The job fair will be held during AAAI in New Orleans on Monday Feb. 5th, 2018 from 4pm - 6pm. A number of employers are looking to hire students and professionals in AI, so get your CVs ready!

If you attend AAAI and are interested in the AAAI/ACM SIGAI job fair, then now is the time to act. As part of the job fair, many companies are looking to reach out to potential candidates *before* you arrive at AAAI. The earlier you upload your resume at the more likely you are to be considered for potential on-site interviews.

Many companies are looking to hire and want to schedule interviews before the conference happens! So don't delay! Upload your CV today!

John P. Dickerson and Nicholas Mattei
Organizers of the AAAI/ACM SIGAI Job Fair