Visible to the public  8th Workshop on Computational Cybersecurity in Compromised Environments (C3E)Conflict Detection Enabled

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Oct 01, 2016 - Sep 30, 2018


Cyber Pack Ventures, Inc.

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The Computational Cybersecurity in Compromised Environments (C3E) workshop series identifies recent challenges in the changing cybersecurity landscape and explores different possible courses of research action. The workshops stimulate discussion and awareness among industry, academia and government that cybersecurity challenges are complex problems with many perspectives, competing interests, and possible consequences for society. The C3E workshops also offer challenge problems, encouraging team-oriented multidisciplinary approaches to investigate a challenge by considering socio-economic outcomes, trust, public safety, privacy risks, technology policy, and the larger consequences for society.

The research theme for the Cybersecurity Challenge Problem of this, the 8th annual 2016 C3E Workshop, is ransonware, a new form of denial of service on organizations that monetizes the consequences on vulnerable segments of the economy, most recently the health care sector and possibly others in the US critical infrastructure. The workshop participants will study causes and mitigation strategies, explore vulnerabilities and system architectures, economics, and implications for public health and safety. The workshop reports will be published and widely disseminated to inform the research community and the general public.