Visible to the public Keyword-driven security test automation of Customer Edge Switching (CES) architecture

TitleKeyword-driven security test automation of Customer Edge Switching (CES) architecture
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAmir, K. C., Goulart, A., Kantola, R.
Conference Name2016 8th International Workshop on Resilient Networks Design and Modeling (RNDM)
Date Publishedsep
Keywordsautomated test framework, Automation, CES protocol designers, Computer architecture, computer network security, customer edge switching architecture, Internet, Internet architecture, keyword driven security test automation, keyword-driven testing, multidomain communications, protocol validation, Protocols, pubcrawl, Resiliency, Resilient Security Architectures, robot framework, robots, security, security threats, signalling protocols, Software, STRIDE analysis, telecommunication equipment testing, telecommunication traffic, test automation, Testing

Customer Edge Switching (CES) is an experimental Internet architecture that provides reliable and resilient multi-domain communications. It provides resilience against security threats because domains negotiate inbound and outbound policies before admitting new traffic. As CES and its signalling protocols are being prototyped, there is a need for independent testing of the CES architecture. Hence, our research goal is to develop an automated test framework that CES protocol designers and early adopters can use to improve the architecture. The test framework includes security, functional, and performance tests. Using the Robot Framework and STRIDE analysis, in this paper we present this automated security test framework. By evaluating sample test scenarios, we show that the Robot Framework and our CES test suite have provided productive discussions about this new architecture, in addition to serving as clear, easy-to-read documentation. Our research also confirms that test automation can be useful to improve new protocol architectures and validate their implementation.

Citation Keyamir_keyword-driven_2016