Visible to the public An SDN Based Framework for Guaranteeing Security and Performance in Information-Centric Cloud Networks

TitleAn SDN Based Framework for Guaranteeing Security and Performance in Information-Centric Cloud Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGhosh, U., Chatterjee, P., Tosh, D., Shetty, S., Xiong, K., Kamhoua, C.
Conference Name2017 IEEE 10th International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD)
Keywordscloud applications, cloud computing, cloud data centers, cloud infrastructure, cloud network resources, cloud provider, cloud services, cloud user, composability, computer centres, computer network performance evaluation, computer network security, delays, fully distributed data plane, information centric cloud framework, Information Centric Cloud Networking, information centric networking, information centric services, information-centric cloud network security, network virtualization, networking aspects, performance requirements, provision network resources, pubcrawl, Resource management, Routing, Scalability, SDN-based framework, security, software assurance, software defined networking, software-defined networking, virtual networks, virtualisation, virtualization

Cloud data centers are critical infrastructures to deliver cloud services. Although security and performance of cloud data centers have been well studied in the past, their networking aspects are overlooked. Current network infrastructures in cloud data centers limit the ability of cloud provider to offer guaranteed cloud network resources to users. In order to ensure security and performance requirements as defined in the service level agreement (SLA) between cloud user and provider, cloud providers need the ability to provision network resources dynamically and on the fly. The main challenge for cloud provider in utilizing network resource can be addressed by provisioning virtual networks that support information centric services by separating the control plane from the cloud infrastructure. In this paper, we propose an sdn based information centric cloud framework to provision network resources in order to support elastic demands of cloud applications depending on SLA requirements. The framework decouples the control plane and data plane wherein the conceptually centralized control plane controls and manages the fully distributed data plane. It computes the path to ensure security and performance of the network. We report initial experiment on average round-trip delay between consumers and producers.

Citation Keyghosh_sdn_2017