Visible to the public A Tamper-Resistant Digital Token-Based Rights Management System

TitleA Tamper-Resistant Digital Token-Based Rights Management System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKhan, M. F. F., Sakamura, K.
Conference Name2017 International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology (ICCST)
Date Publishedoct
ISBN Number978-1-5386-1585-0
KeywordsAccess Control, API, APIs, asymmetric cryptography, authentication, authorisation, Computer architecture, cryptography, Digital Rights Management, digital token, eTRON architecture, groupware, Hardware, hardware-software collaboration, Human Behavior, human factors, Internet, message authentication, Metrics, Peer-to-peer computing, peer-to-peer manner, Protocols, pubcrawl, public key cryptography, Resiliency, rights management system, Scalability, Symmetric Key Cryptography, Tamper-Resistance, tamper-resistant digital token, tamper-resistant digital tokens, token owner, Ubiquitous Computing Security

Use of digital token - which certifies the bearer's rights to some kind of products or services - is quite common nowadays for its convenience, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Many of such digital tokens, however, are produced with software alone, making them vulnerable to forgery, including alteration and duplication. For a more secure safeguard for both token owner's right and service provider's accountability, digital tokens should be tamper-resistant as much as possible in order for them to withstand physical attacks as well. In this paper, we present a rights management system that leverages tamper-resistant digital tokens created by hardware-software collaboration in our eTRON architecture. The system features the complete life cycle of a digital token from generation to storage and redemption. Additionally, it provides a secure mechanism for transfer of rights in a peer-to-peer manner over the Internet. The proposed system specifies protocols for permissible manipulation on digital tokens, and subsequently provides a set of APIs for seamless application development. Access privileges to the tokens are strictly defined and state-of-the-art asymmetric cryptography is used for ensuring their confidentiality. Apart from the digital tokens being physically tamper-resistant, the protocols involved in the system are proven to be secure against attacks. Furthermore, an authentication mechanism is implemented that invariably precedes any operation involving the digital token in question. The proposed system presents clear security gains compared to existing systems that do not take tamper-resistance into account, and schemes that use symmetric key cryptography.

Citation Keykhan_tamper-resistant_2017