Visible to the public Dynamic Multi-phrase Ranked Search over Encrypted Data with Symmetric Searchable Encryption

TitleDynamic Multi-phrase Ranked Search over Encrypted Data with Symmetric Searchable Encryption
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGuo, C., Chen, X., Jie, Y., Zhangjie, F., Li, M., Feng, B.
JournalIEEE Transactions on Services Computing
Keywordscloud computing, cloud storage, composability, Encryption, Indexes, Keyword search, phrase search, pubcrawl, ranked search, Resiliency, Searchable encryption, Servers, symmetric searchable encryption

As cloud computing becomes prevalent, more and more data owners are likely to outsource their data to a cloud server. However, to ensure privacy, the data should be encrypted before outsourcing. Symmetric searchable encryption allows users to retrieve keyword over encrypted data without decrypting the data. Many existing schemes that are based on symmetric searchable encryption only support single keyword search, conjunctive keywords search, multiple keywords search, or single phrase search. However, some schemes, i.e., static schemes, only search one phrase in a query request. In this paper, we propose a multi-phrase ranked search over encrypted cloud data, which also supports dynamic update operations, such as adding or deleting files. We used an inverted index to record the locations of keywords and to judge whether the phrase appears. This index can search for keywords efficiently. In order to rank the results and protect the privacy of relevance score, the relevance score evaluation model is used in searching process on client-side. Also, the special construction of the index makes the scheme dynamic. The data owner can update the cloud data at very little cost. Security analyses and extensive experiments were conducted to demonstrate the safety and efficiency of the proposed scheme.

Citation Keyguo_dynamic_2017