Visible to the public SCLCT: Secured cross language cipher technique

TitleSCLCT: Secured cross language cipher technique
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKumar, S., Johari, R., Singh, L., Gupta, K.
Conference Name2017 International Conference on Computing, Communication and Automation (ICCCA)
KeywordsAutomation, Caesar Cipher, cipher text, Ciphers, CLCT Cipher, Collaboration, composability, computing device, cryptography, cryptology, data privacy, empowering citizens, Encryption, evolving digitization, fascinating science, Human Behavior, human factor, Java, Metrics, modern era possesses cryptography, open source language, policy, Policy-Governed Secure Collaboration, privacy, pubcrawl, Rail Fence Cipher, Rails, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, SCLCT Cipher, secret codes, secured cross language cipher technique, security

Cryptography is the fascinating science that deals with constructing and destructing the secret codes. The evolving digitization in this modern era possesses cryptography as one of its backbones to perform the transactions with confidentiality and security wherever the authentication is required. With the modern technology that has evolved, the use of codes has exploded, enriching cryptology and empowering citizens. One of the most important things that encryption provides anyone using any kind of computing device is `privacy'. There is no way to have true privacy with strong security, the method with which we are dealing with is to make the cipher text more robust to be by-passed. In current work, the well known and renowned Caesar cipher and Rail fence cipher techniques are combined with a cross language cipher technique and the detailed comparative analysis amongst them is carried out. The simulations have been carried out on Eclipse Juno version IDE for executions and Java, an open source language has been used to implement these said techniques.

Citation Keykumar_sclct:_2017