Visible to the public Named data networking testbed for scientific data

TitleNamed data networking testbed for scientific data
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLim, H., Ni, A., Kim, D., Ko, Y. B.
Conference Name2017 2nd International Conference on Computer and Communication Systems (ICCCS)
Date PublishedJuly 2017
ISBN Number978-1-5386-0539-4
Keywordsclean slate, climate science, climatology, Collaboration, Containers, data handling, data intensive science, data-intensive science experiments, Human Behavior, human factor, human factors, information centric networking, information retrieval, intelligent data retrieval, intercontinental NDN testbed, intercontinental network, Internet, large-scale scientific data, metadata, Meteorology, Metrics, name based symmetrical forwarding, named data networking, NDN-based climate data delivery, Pipelines, policy governance, Policy-Governed Secure Collaboration, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, scientific data named data, scientific information systems, Throughput, Tools

Named Data Networking (NDN) is one of the future internet architectures, which is a clean-slate approach. NDN provides intelligent data retrieval using the principles of name-based symmetrical forwarding of Interest/Data packets and innetwork caching. The continually increasing demand for rapid dissemination of large-scale scientific data is driving the use of NDN in data-intensive science experiments. In this paper, we establish an intercontinental NDN testbed. In the testbed, an NDN-based application that targets climate science as an example data intensive science application is designed and implemented, which has differentiated features compared to those of previous studies. We verify experimental justification of using NDN for climate science in the intercontinental network, through performance comparisons between classical delivery techniques and NDN-based climate data delivery.

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