Visible to the public Game-Theoretic Analysis of System of Systems with Inherent Robustness Parameters

TitleGame-Theoretic Analysis of System of Systems with Inherent Robustness Parameters
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHe, F., Rao, N. S. V., Ma, C. Y. T.
Conference Name2017 20th International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion)
Date Publishedjul
ISBN Number978-0-9964-5270-0
Keywordsattacker, Biological system modeling, compositionality, conditional survival probabilities, cost parameters, Cyber Dependencies, Cyber-physical systems, defender, economic development, game theory, game-theoretic analysis, Games, Human Behavior, human factors, independent systems of systems, infrastructure robustness, infrastructure survival probability, inherent robustness parameters, interdependent systems of systems, large-scale infrastructures, Mathematical model, Metrics, Nash equilibrium, probability, pubcrawl, resilience, Resiliency, Robustness, Scalability, security, social development, sum-form utility functions, system of systems, system parameters

Large-scale infrastructures are critical to economic and social development, and hence their continued performance and security are of high national importance. Such an infrastructure often is a system of systems, and its functionality critically depends on the inherent robustness of its constituent systems and its defense strategy for countering attacks. Additionally, interdependencies between the systems play another critical role in determining the infrastructure robustness specified by its survival probability. In this paper, we develop game-theoretic models between a defender and an attacker for a generic system of systems using inherent parameters and conditional survival probabilities that characterize the interdependencies. We derive Nash Equilibrium conditions for the cases of interdependent and independent systems of systems under sum-form utility functions. We derive expressions for the infrastructure survival probability that capture its dependence on cost and system parameters, and also on dependencies that are specified by conditional probabilities. We apply the results to cyber-physical systems which show the effects on system survival probability due to defense and attack intensities, inherent robustness, unit cost, target valuation, and interdependencies.

Citation Keyhe_game-theoretic_2017