Visible to the public A Practical Quantum Public-Key Encryption Model

TitleA Practical Quantum Public-Key Encryption Model
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsWang, Y., She, K.
Conference Name2017 3rd International Conference on Information Management (ICIM)
Keywordsblack box encryption, blackbox client-side, composability, computational indistinguishability, Computational modeling, decryption process, Encryption, Metrics, pubcrawl, Public key, public key cryptography, quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum information security, Quantum mechanics, quantum public key encryption model, quantum public-key encryption model, quantum trapdoor one-way function, resilience, Resiliency, secret keys

In this paper, a practical quantum public-key encryption model is proposed by studying the recent quantum public-key encryption. This proposed model makes explicit stipulations on the generation, distribution, authentication, and usage of the secret keys, thus forms a black-box operation. Meanwhile, this proposed model encapsulates the process of encryption and decryption for the users, and forms a blackbox client-side. In our models, each module is independent and can be replaced arbitrarily without affecting the proposed model. Therefore, this model has a good guiding significance for the design and development of the quantum public key encryption schemes.

Citation Keywang_practical_2017