Visible to the public Individually-Secure Multi-Source Multicast

TitleIndividually-Secure Multi-Source Multicast
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCohen, A., Cohen, A., Médard, M., Gurewitz, O.
Conference Name2017 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)
Date Publishedjun
ISBN Number978-1-5090-4096-4
Keywordscoding theory, common secure model, compositionality, cryptography, cut-set bound, eavesdropper, encoding, individually-secure multisource multicast, Metrics, multicast communication, Mutual information, network coding, network links, Network topology, nonsecure MSM, pubcrawl, rate region, reliability, resilience, Resiliency, secure MSM, security, SMSM, telecommunication security, zero mutual information

The principal mission of Multi-Source Multicast (MSM) is to disseminate all messages from all sources in a network to all destinations. MSM is utilized in numerous applications. In many of them, securing the messages disseminated is critical. A common secure model is to consider a network where there is an eavesdropper which is able to observe a subset of the network links, and seek a code which keeps the eavesdropper ignorant regarding all the messages. While this is solved when all messages are located at a single source, Secure MSM (SMSM) is an open problem, and the rates required are hard to characterize in general. In this paper, we consider Individual Security, which promises that the eavesdropper has zero mutual information with each message individually. We completely characterize the rate region for SMSM under individual security, and show that such a security level is achievable at the full capacity of the network, that is, the cut-set bound is the matching converse, similar to non-secure MSM. Moreover, we show that the field size is similar to non-secure MSM and does not have to be larger due to the security constraint.

Citation Keycohen_individually-secure_2017