Visible to the public Cooperative Transmission for Physical Layer Security by Exploring Social Awareness

TitleCooperative Transmission for Physical Layer Security by Exploring Social Awareness
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsXu, Y., Wang, H. M., Yang, Q., Huang, K. W., Zheng, T. X.
Conference Name2017 IEEE Globecom Workshops (GC Wkshps)
ISBN Number978-1-5386-3920-7
Keywordsfading channels, Geometry, Human Behavior, human factors, jamming, Metrics, peer to peer security, Peer-to-peer computing, pubcrawl, Random variables, Relays, resilience, Resiliency, Scalability, security

Social awareness and social ties are becoming increasingly fashionable with emerging mobile and handheld devices. Social trust degree describing the strength of the social ties has drawn lots of research interests in many fields including secure cooperative communications. Such trust degree reflects the users' willingness for cooperation, which impacts the selection of the cooperative users in the practical networks. In this paper, we propose a cooperative relay and jamming selection scheme to secure communication based on the social trust degree under a stochastic geometry framework. We aim to analyze the involved secrecy outage probability (SOP) of the system's performance. To achieve this target, we propose a double Gamma ratio (DGR) approach through Gamma approximation. Based on this, the SOP is tractably obtained in closed form. The simulation results verify our theoretical findings, and validate that the social trust degree has dramatic influences on the network's secrecy performance.

Citation Keyxu_cooperative_2017